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Little Software Stats

Little Software Stats is a web application that allows users to monitor their software.

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  • What Is Little Software Stats?Little Software Stats is the first free and open source application that allows software developers to monitor how their software is being used. It is developed using PHP & MySQL which allows it to be ran on most web servers.
  • Why Should I Use Little Software Stats?Not only does Little Software Stats allow you to keep track of how your software is used, it can also help improve your software for future releases.
  • What Are The System Requirements For Little Software Stats?Please see the for the system requirements to run Little Software Stats
  • How Secure Is Little Software Stats?Although we cannot say that Little Software Stats is 100% secure, we can say that we have put lots of effort into making sure that Little Software Stats is secure. Just like all other software, Little Software Stats is susceptible to flaws which can be discovered by third parties and when these are discovered we will make our best effort to have them fixed.

    It should also be noted that their are numerous security techniques used in the Little Software Stats. These techniques include CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevention with randomly generated tokens in the forms, mandatory password confirmation when changing settings, and the use of CAPTCHA when logging into Little Software Stats. The cookies that are used to associate a user with Little Software Stats (also known as PHP sessions) are only valid with one IP address and are automatically regenerated at login in order to prevent session hijacking. We are constantly keeping track of new black hat security techniques in order to have Little Software Stats secure as possible.
  • What Information Does Little Software Stats Collect?Little Software Stats is used to keep track of how software is used and this includes information such as usage (executions, installations, exceptions, etc), environments (operating systems, memory, languages, etc) and where users are located (by country). Little Software Stats is not intended to be used to collect personal information (names, addresses, credit cards, etc). For more information, please see privacy information.
  • What Licenses Does Little Software Stats Use?Little Software Stats itself is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and the Little Software Stats libraries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  • How Do I Install Little Software Stats?Follow these steps to install Little Software Stats:
    1. Upload and extract Little Software Stats to your web server
    2. Create a MySQL database with a user that has full privileges to access and modify it
    3. Go to and follow the steps
    4. Integrate Little Software Stats with your software and track your users
  • Why Isn't There A Library For XYZ?Little Software Stats currently only works with a select number of libraries. If you would like a library for your software, then please contact us.
  • Can You Integrate Little Software Stats With My Software?Sorry, we are unable to integrate Little Software Stats with your software. However, if you are having troubles and would like assistance then please contact us.
  • How Can I Make Sure Little Software Stats Is Recieving Data?To ensure Little Software Stats is receiving data, follow these steps:
    1. Open up the dashboard for that application
    2. Make sure the version is set to "All versions" and the to date is set to tomorrow
    3. If data has been received, then there should be a increase at the end of the graph in the dashboard

    If data is not showing then go to the application settings (Overview -> Settings) and try each of these steps

    1. Make sure the application ID matches the one entered into your software
    2. Ensure the "Application Status" is set to "Started" and not "Stopped"
  • Is The API Secure?The Little Software Stats API is designed to be as secure as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the API will not be exploited in some way or another.
  • What Formats Does The API Support?The Little Software Stats API currently accepts JSON and XML as data formats.
  • Why Is My Web Server Slow?This can happen if Little Software Stats is running on a web server that is not able to support the large amount of traffic. If your Little Software Stats is causing your shared web host to slow down, then we recommend upgrading to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). If your Little Software Stats is causing your VPS to slow down, then we recommend upgrading to a dedicated server. Another option is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) which offers highly scalable services such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). These might be a better option if you want to have stability at a lower cost.
  • I Keep Getting XYZ Error?If your getting an error with Little Software Stats then you can either contact us or file a bug report with information about the error your receiving.
  • Can I see an example of Little Software Stats in use?There is a live demo of Little Software Stats located at The username and password is "demo" (without quotes).